• Have you provided complete “EMOTIONAL SECURITY” to yourself and your family ?

  • You have dreamt “BIG” for your child and yourself, but have you provided the RIGHT LEARNING SKILLS ?

  • Have you thought about SKILLING your child on taking RIGHT DECISIONS at an early age ?

  • Have you unearthed the “HIDDEN TALENT” in your child ?


Master Brains (MB)


Smart Brains (SB)


Master Brains-Campus (MB-C)



Smart Brains-Campus (SB-C)


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Gnana means Knowledge. Vriksha means Tree.

We at Gnana Vriksha aspire to witness a humongous Growth in every individual, especially children. When trained at early age will grow to a Bruhad Vriksha of Gnana – Huge Tree of Knowledge.

Foundational Life Skills such as Concentration, Comprehension, Memory, Goal Setting, Decision Making and owning up Responsibility will maximize Growth and helps bring out hidden talents.

Depression, Insecurity, and Stress are few terms we hear every day. With the negative traits deep-rooted, Growth would be an illusion. Further, it impacts relationships.

Team Gnana Vriksha assists in minimizing negative traits and optimizing performance through contemporary and innovative training programs.

Gnana Vriksha – Mission

Challenges are constant, so are the solutions. The daunting task is identifying the right solutions. We @ Gnana Vriksha believe in delivering the Foundational Life Skills in an effective, efficient way with integrity and accountability using both proven and innovative methods so that our patrons derive the right solution.

Gnana Vriksha – Vision

Stronger the people physically and mentally, stronger will be the Nation. Many individuals need direction in Life. At Gnana Vriksha it is our endeavour to build strong society by imparting tried and tested, contemporary Life Skills which helps individuals to get the necessary direction, enhance capabilities and equip every individual to overcome the challenges faced at different life stages.


Mrs. Vasudha
Principal / Little Lily Public School, Near Nagarbhavi BDA Complex, Bangalore

Master Brains is a wonderful & unique program for both Parents and the children. This program helped me overcome my insecurity feelings, improve my bonding with family members and work without stress. For my Son, concentration and interest levels in extra-curriculars have improved. His comprehension too has improved greatly.

Mrs. Deepa
Founder Director / Little Gems Pre-school, J.P.Nagar 7th phase, Bangalore.

Master Brains is a distinct program, I have attended in my lifetime. Tools and Techniques provided by Gnana Vriksha are simple to learn and apply, but the results are simply stunning. I am able to control my anger. For my daughter Varshana, who is just 4 ½ years, old concentration has immensely improved. She enjoys the activities taught by Gnana Vriksha.

Mrs. Naina Baindur
Director / Sai Maa (Brand Consultancy)

A wonderful programme, carefully crafted at Gnana Vriksha, holistic to the parents and to the children. Master Brains for us has made us go back and look at life very differently, be it the mundane activities or day-to-day stress at work. It has been a wonderful change for my daughter from a shy girl to a confident super girl in the class. May this programme reach each family and each individual to bring a happy change in their lives.